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  • Chiptuning Iveco Trakker 500

    Today we had a Iveco Trakker 500 Euro 5 on the test bench and have our options the customer demonstrated what is possible through a software update.

    We have tested the original vehicle , with performance chip tuning and eco tuning.

    In the original mode of the Iveco Trakker 500 we got on our Maha LPS 3000 truck dynamometer a power output of 487.7 HP and 2248NM .
    ( Dyno Report here ...)

    After the Eco - Tuning (recommended by allcartuning ) the Iveco truck was measured with an output of 545HP and 2599 NM . Which is a power increase of +350 NM torque and +58HP . ( Dyno Report here ...)
    With this eco - chip tuning setting saves up to 4 liters depending on the application .


    When measuring the performance tuning we came up with 585HP and 2800NM . ( Dyno Report here ...)
    With this setting, we wanted to show that we are able to produce power , but not leave this setting on a customers truck.
    By inconsiderate driving added performance on the duration of components such as the gearbox , clutch, exhaust manifold or turbo could damage .

    You are interested and want to help your truck to save diesel and increase the fuel economy, check the online truck configurator if we can optimize your model already.