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Chip Tuning & Software-Tuning for New Holland Tier4

Our chiptuning leads to a higher torque and a lower fuel consumption.

How our tuning works


Our software modification increases the tractor's torque in a way that doesn't affect the engine and the gearbox, while the number of revolutions declines and the improvement stays the same.


Every of our changes is done via OBD diagnostics. That means that the control unit doesn't have to be opened, the tractor is only optimized via a computer.

Examples of a Allcar Chiptuning for New Holland:

New Holland T6.175

Original 139,1 PS and 589,8 NM on the PTO (measured without boost)

Modified 173,3 PS and 725,5 NM on the PTO (measured without boost)

New Holland T5.115

Original 101,4 PS and 431 NM on the PTO (measured without boost)

Modified 126,5PS and 490 NM on the PTO (measured without boost)