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Valtra Chiptuning & ECO-Tuning

When chiptuning your vehicle with the self-developed software of allcartuning you can save money from the first operating hour on. Our tuning leads to a decrease of the fuel economy, a increase of the torque and a gain of the horsepower.  



Performance optimization via diagnostic interface (OBD)

We are able to program all of our software optimizations for John Deere tractors via diagnostic interface. We do not need open the control unit, like some other tuning companies.



AdBlue Shutoff


We are able to stop the AdBlue consumption through our software modification. That means a refuel of the liquid is not longer necessary. AdBlue is used for after-treatment of exhaust gases of Diesel engines. 


In Austria, shutdowns or manipulation of exhaust after-treatment are prohibited. e.g. Adblue, DPF or EGR

These modifications may not be used in all countries. A clarification is incumbent on the customer if he may use this modification in his country.