Chiptuning and Softwaretuning

“What is chiptuning?”, “What does software tuning mean?”, or “Is there any difference or do they both mean the same?” are some frequently asked questions. The answer is: chiptuning for passenger cars means optimising the software in the engine control unit. Chiptuning is also referred to as software tuning.
Measures and Results of Chiptuning
Chip- or software tuning includes several parameters such as the amount of fuel, ignition time, injection time and boost pressure being adjusted. Chiptuning can, for instance, achieve a performance improvement by up to 15% to 35% for turbocharger engines. A significant torque increase is another possible effect of chiptuning. In this regard, a performance improvement by 5% to 10% can be achieved for regular, naturally aspired engines. To cut a long story short, by means of software tuning you can expect enormous improvements, particularly in terms of acceleration behaviour and power.
Today’s Expenses are Tomorrow’s Savings!

Chiptuning or software tuning very often leads to a reduction in fuel consumption without changes in the driving style. In times of constantly increasing fuel prices, this is certainly more than just a nice side effect of chip-software-tuning. At allcartuning, we see this as another goal or result of successful chiptuning and think this is the reason for the high level of customer satisfaction.


Results of Chiptuning at a Glance

  • performance improvement between 5% and 35%
  • torque increase by 5% to 35%
  • eeduction of fuel consumption after chiptuning


Chiptuning for Diesel and Petrol Engines

Improve the performance of your vehicle and simultaneously reduce its fuel consumption! This is one of the easiest tasks for the allcartuning team. We have the knowhow and the routine to reprogram the chip inside the original engine control unit. The engine’s torque is improved, enabling you to save fuel on a permanent basis. Thanks to our engineers, our engine map optimization for chiptuning is one of the best when it comes to passenger cars, trucks and tractors.


No matter if you have a car with a petrol engine or want to carry out a diesel tuning (TDI Tuning), we are waiting for you with the latest methods and technologies. Cutting-edge control unit programming – this is what chiptuning by allcartuning stands for. 

Drop by for some Professional Advice. Let Us Convince You!

Upon request, allcartuning also offers Chiptuning Plus. With this method, the chiptuning procedure is optimised directly at the power test stand.



You are in the greater Graz area and need Chiptuning? Then you have found the right place.


Allcartuning Guarantees Customer Satisfaction!

If you receive an update from your engine control unit, allcartuning provides you with a free software update for your tuning.    If the engine control unit has to be removed, allcartuning charges you only a small contribution fee of € 50,- incl. VAT.

Allcartuning – Competence in Chiptuning

Real expertise in chiptuning can only be achieved by developing products on power test stands. How do we know that? We have been a successful player on the market for twelve years now. We have learned that a high level of self-responsibility is one of the main characteristics of success and have made it the cornerstone of allcartuning’s corporate philosophy. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Chiptuning


Why do the vehicle manufacturers not carry out the chiptuning themselves?

The manufacturer develops a vehicle for the international market. In doing so, they have to consider various framework conditions such as national emission standards, regional differences in temperature, different types of fuel or specific categories of insurances in different countries. This means that an ex-works vehicle needs to be equipped for a wide range of different influencing factors. The adjustment of the above-mentioned parameters to one single target market can therefore be carried out only by chiptuning. 


Does Chiptuning Shorten Engine Life?

This depends on the degree of the chiptuning modifications. If no limit values are exceeded during the software tuning and you have a “normal” style of driving, no increased wear is to be expected. If the requested modifications deviate from normal standards and/or your driving style does not comply to “normal” standards, the same signs of wear as the engine would be exposed to without chiptuning are to be expected.


Can my Vehicle be Chiptuned?

Basically, the following applies to chiptuning: almost all diesel and turbo vehicles as well as certain petrol engine vehicles without turbo can be optimised. For detailed information about your vehicle please check our vehicle list for passenger cars. If your vehicle is not on the list, please send us a request – maybe we can include your vehicle into our list.