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John Deere Chiptuning & ECO-Tuning


Allcartuning offers several optimizations for John Deere vehicles. After the tuning the possible outcomes are up to 30% torque increase, up to 20% horsepower increase and 5-15% fuel economy. 



Performance optimization via diagnostic interface (OBD)

We are able to program all of our software optimizations for John Deere tractors via diagnostic interface. We do not need open the control unit, like some other tuning companies.



Speed change
Allcartuning is able to change the speed limiter's coding of John Deere vehicles, meaning you can raise the velocity of your tractor from 40km/h to 50 km/h. Reducing the speed of your vehicle is an option too.


The manufacturer often gets restricted by political and national differences, and so does the customer. Due to these restrictions the team of allcartuning did a lot of development to change John Deere's maximum speed. It doesn't matter if it's a control gear or an automatic gearbox and if you want to reduce or raise the speed. 



EGR Off 
At customer's request, we can also turn off the EGR valve, which means that fumes are no longer added to the intake air. In the end it leads to an increase of the Diesel engine's lifetime. 



DPF Off for new John Deere R models
DPF Delete possible on all new John Deere models.

Customers outside from europe please visit our page TUNING24


In Austria, shutdowns or manipulation of exhaust after-treatment are prohibited. e.g. Adblue, DPF or EGR

These modifications may not be used in all countries. A clarification is incumbent on the customer if he may use this modification in his country.



Why Allcartuning is the best choice in Chiptuning.