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Here you will find the extra power and consumption savings for your

Infiniti Q30 - 2015 - ... 2.2 D - 170 PS

These values are empirical values that are safe for your car .
170 HP
after the tuning:
199 HP
350 NM
after the tuning:
411 NM
Economy up to

1.20 L

at economic manner of driving
street price: € 479,00
now special price for: € 399,00
Miscellaneous: Genius OBD
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Tuning Plus includes:

  • Tuning Software is set exactly to your vehicle.
  • better and more accurate results
  • better performance and better fuel economy
  • additional information like live data logging and results from dyno run (like AFR, boost pressure,
         air intake temperature, etc.)
  • Rental Car included.

The extra charge compared to the regular chiptuning price is just € 300,-

(This service we offer only in Kalsdorf near Graz)

Accuracy is our credo.

Here in Kalsdorf near Graz can book always a dyno run for your vehicle.

A measurement includes a complete evaluation of the performance and costs:

  • Car´s 2WD € 150.-
  • Car´s 4WD € 180.- 
  • Truck´s € 550.- 
  • Tractor €120.-

Detailed Information you get here

The ACT Tuner is a handheld programming tool what stays by the onwer.


  • You can flash anytime the Original back yourself
  • You can store multiple tunings on the tool
  • Specially for lease and new-vehicles
  • You can take the tool to the next vehicle

Upgrade price for the ACT Tuner is € 200.-

We are a long-term partner of the NSA Tuning Guarantee.

Costs for 1 year warranty:

  • Tuning 2 is for cars with max. 2 years old and 100.000km and costs € 178.-

  • Tuning 5 is for cars with max. 5 years and 80.000km and costs € 255.-

all about guarantee

Due to the many years of experience in chiptuning and optimization of cars, we can make sure to ensure the optimum of your engine.