MAHA LPS 3000 Power Test Stand for Trucks

The most modern power test stand for exact power measurements for trucks

With its microprocessor-controlled computing unit, two eddy current brakes, each with a capacity of 700 kilowatts, and several programmes for the graphic representation of the measured values, MAHA LPS 3000 fulfils each of allcartuning’s test tasks.

The function and power test stand LPS 3000 for trucks with wheel performance of up to 660 kW meets all requirements in all regards. Apart from the classic performance measurement including the display of engine power, engine speed and speed, the LPS 3000 provides a number of diagnostic options by means of its load simulation.

The extensive range of applications of this test stand is topped off with connection facilities for external measuring devices such as the diesel emission tester MDO 2 LON or a measuring device for fuel consumption.

Do in for the test

You would like to test your vehicle at our power test stand? You would like to receive a written documentation about the performance of your vehicle after chiptuning? No problem! Just contact us via phone or e-mail to arrange an appointment.

We carry out a performance measurement on our MAHA LPS 3000 power test stand for trucks. You receive a test report, displaying torque (in Nm) and performance (in kW/hp) for different engine speeds.

Arrange an appointment now. You should calculate about 1.5 hours for the test.

Our price including an extensive test report:

€ 550,-- incl. 20% VAT.