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  • Chiptuning John Deere 6105-R now via Software Reflash possible!

    The time is coming now, the new R serie from John Deere is just delivered by the dealer and we are ready to tune it via diagnostic interface.

    No remove of the control unit is necessary. The procedure is done without a trace, just via the diagnostic interface.

    During the procedure all relevant parameters, such as injection time, injection pressure and injection timing getting adjusted.

    Like all tractor-tuning of us we do not ask for more boost pressure.
    That means your turbo is not exposed to more stress and your diesel consumption decreases rapidly.

    Since you now with less speed can do the same work, thereby a fuel-saving results which allows up to 3 liters per hour.

    Dynosheet ECO-Tune John Deere 6105 R

    +16HP + 70NM

    Dynosheet ECO-Torque Fuelsaver-Tune John Deere 6105 R

    +25HP + 120NM

    Costs Euro 999.- incl. tax.

    Allcartuning and ACT-Agrar, number 1 in the agricultural Chiptuning are proud to offer this service as the first company in Austria.