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Mercedes Euro 5 EEV DTC Removal + Adblue Delete

Mercedes Trucks Euro 5 EEV with Temic ECU are possible Adblue Off and also Error removal. (you can disconnect the pump)

Done by OBDII connection.
Time need ~1 hour

Price for Adblue Off: € 799,- incl VAT (only for Export with*ACT Tuner and diagnostic cabel not in Price included)

*Price for ACT Tuner: € 200,- incl VAT

*Price for diagnostic cabel: € 468,- incl VAT

Price for Error Removal: € 799,- incl VAT



Warning: The use of AdBlue emulator modules is illegal in some countries, especially in EU countries. Buying and owning the device is not prohibited, however, the use of the module as through the use no longer meets the vehicle, the EU's environmental emission standards.

The product was developed for use in countries where no ecological standards must be observed.

When this unit is purchased, they assume full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It is their personal choice. We accept no liability for the consequences that are associated with the use of Ad Blue Modules