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John Deere 6155M Tier 4F automatic tuning and deletes

The tractor stops because of a problem with the aftertreatment system, or the available power is so low that it makes working a torture,
and worst of all it’s Saturday noon and you gotta wait for at least the whole weekend until you can resolve the problems.

Not with us!
Our 24/7 automatic fileservice makes it possible at any time and anywhere to perfrom a software optimization for more power or less fuel consumption and to make DPF/DEF Urea SCR/EGR deletes and not to loose any valuable time.

On this John Deere 6155M for example the automatic fileservice offers:
Stage 1 (+30 HP – ECO Version)
Stage 2 (+45 HP – safe and tested)
DEF Urea SCR delete
EGR delete
DPF delete

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