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EGR delete John Deere

John Deere AGR Abschaltung
Allcartuning entwickelt John Deere
Genius über OBD John Deere


EGR delete via OBD-diagnostic


EGR removal means to disable the exhaust gas recirculation valve.


As a result of shutting down the EGR valve the engine's last- and temperature-condition stays closed. This modification was developed by allcartunging to clear away several problems in countries that have to deal with a poor quality of Diesel.


Our distributors on South America, Asia or eastern Europe are happy about this development, since they have to deal with a high amount of water in Diesel they always have problems with the EGR valve or the EGR cooler. These problems result in a decrease of the engine's lifetime and then again that leads to visiting the garage quite often. 


Through a disable of the EGR valve we avoid or even eliminate these problems.


Possible tractors: e.g. 6105R, 6140R, 7230R, 7260R, 6230P, 7230P, 7830P and all other models from R serie and xx30 Premium serie.

Don't hesitate to contact us via mail or telephone if you have any questions. 


John Deere EGR delete on xx30 series possible 

From now on we are also able to program John Deere's EGR valve in a way that allows us to remove it completely. That means it's possible to simply unplug a broken valve and replacing it with allcartuning's software.











John Deere EGR delete on R and M class

From now on we are able to delete the EGR on R and M class through unplugging the valve. The optimization is possible for the following models


6R Serie: 6115R, 6125R, 6130R, 6140R, 6150R, 6170R

6M Serie: 6115M, 6125M, 6130M, 6140M, 6150M, 6170M

6MC Serie: 6090MC, 6100MC, 6110MC

6RC Serie: 6090RC, 6100RC, 6110RC

7R Serie: 7210R, 7230R, 7250R, 7270R, 7290R, 7310R

8R Serie: 8245R, 8270R, 8295R, 8320R, 8320RT, 8345R, 8345RT, 8370R, 8370RT



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