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  • Softwaretuning VW Golf 1.6 TDI 90PS

    Now the product is ready after more than 2 years waiting we are able to present a software tuning for the engine VAG 1.6 TDI 90HP.


    We have tested a lot of Tuning boxes in the past, but no Box was able to support more than 8 or 9 HP more.

    As more proud we are to offer you now 2 verions of tuning.


    ECO-Tune:  (dynosheet)

    +25HP +50NM

    With this Tune you are able to save diesel and have a better respone on the throtle and a better acceleration over the whole rpm, also the starting weakness is gone.


    Chiptuning allcarTuning:  (dynosheet)

    +40HP + 62NM

    With the performance tune from us you dont know your car again.
    Revving, torquey and save diesel.


    Price in our summer sale 2012 um sensationelle € 349.- including tax.
    For € 399.- including tax you get the tuning and the dyno run.


    Both of this vesions from allcarTuning has Matthias Hoinik done a good job. He takes care that all the original safety parameters stay original. We do not against of some competitors to raise the Boost on this car. That means the turbo pressure keeps original and your turbo dont have more load. Also the exhaust gas temperature keeps the original maximum of 820 °C.


    Have a safety trip, your allcarTuning Team ! 



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