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  • John Deere EGR OFF R and M class NEW

    We close the EGR valve at John Deere so that no more exhaust gases comes back into the fresh air intake. 

    We can extend the life time of the engine and improve the oil quality.  

    Here an example for a John Deere 6115M with us in the development.

    Original Power 117HP and 512NM  ... (download)

    EGR OFF Leistung 122HP and 530NM ... (download)

    EGR OFF + Power Modified 144HP und 624NM ... (download)

    Cost point software John Deere EGR OFF series R and M:. € 599.- incl VAT. 

    Cost point software John Deere EGR OFF + optimization series R and M: €1299.- incl VAT. 

    You will get the product on allcartuning directly or at a respective authorized dealer or in our online SHOP Dieselix with a practical Handheld Flasher.



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