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Chiptuning experience - Confidence is everything

A few tips and tricks to find the right chiptuner.
What makes a good tuner?
The website became more and more important lately - it's more than a digital business card on the Internet. It can also show you the presentation of a company and the website possibly shows how much a business cares about customers too. When it comes to chiptuning companies, make sure that the business either have a good and trustworthy partner in the background or have a long experience in the production of tuning software. Technical information like dynamometer reports should definitely be shown on the website - according to these information, you can be sure that the company keeps its promises. Further you should always have the possibility to test your vehicle on the dyno. 
The basic problem of some tuning companies

Meanwhile there are a lot of so-called tuning companies on the market - sometimes there are service providers who are offering mobile tuning. This does not always need to be a bad thing, when the tuner has a renowned company in the background and uses a slave system. So check if the tuner is serious and what he is going to do with your car.
A short call to the partner company that provides the tuning files can be of advantage.
Unfortunately we meet a lot customers who got in touch with a non-serious tuning company. There seems to be a pattern: met at the parking lot, made a lot of promises but didn't keep any and after that not available anymore.
Beware of data collectors
Data collectors are so-called chip tuners, who are transferring old tuning files on your vehicle. Tuning software is intellectual property and a good tuning company is improving constantly. Therefore be aware of dubious tuning companies.